MALDITO SWEET - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2016


Nicole Mentado is born in 1992, surrounded by a family in the fashion industry, now betting for her own brand: Maldito Sweet

The Canarian fashion brand Maldito Sweet presents its third swimwear collection by Nicole Mentado Burman at Gran Canaria Swim Week. Her creations, full of color, are aimed at a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman, strongly provocative, who stands out for her constant search when it comes to expressing something new and unexpected with her look. The new proposal stands out for its strong personality and indisputable style. The exquisiteness, the delicacy of the materials used in a combination of lycra, transparencies, feathers and beads, the sartorial construction of its designs and the unprecedented combination of styles, have given life to an original mix of modern sensuality and anti-conformist femininity. Nicole has stamped a stamp of bright colors, among which blues and magentas stand out, on her designs.