Arcadio Domínguez - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2017



Timidly placing your fingers in the fire, tasting the spiciness, the heat, half-opening your fingers when you shouldn't be looking, riding a motorbike with your bare face against the wind.

To drive towards the final consequence of emotion, to feel what moves the senses... The icons are tinged with intensity to live a new stage, premiering Desire.

The Arcadio Girls and Boys merge, this time, in an embrace that melts them, and entangles them in flesh and blood.

Red and maroon, navy and black / Lycra, cotton and satin / Studs, studs, eyelets and silk ribbons.

The Arcadinas and Arcadinos give prominence to silhouettes and colour, signing the garments in the key points where sensuality is censored.

The styling: black wristbands and anklets, framing the silhouette and marking the access points through which Desire escapes.