Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida opens its 25th edition celebrating new talent


  • The first day of GCSW by MC opened today with the presentation of the Spring Summer 2022 swimwear collections by Carlos San Juan, Chela Clo, Como la Trucha al Trucho, Diazar, Elena Morales, Laut, Román Peralta, Suhárz, Alawa, Bloomers, Bohodot, Dolores Cortés, and TCN.
  • In front-row, well-known faces such as Priscilla Betancort, Marta Ibrahim, Honey Dressing, the Canarian model Aida Artiles, Yaiza Mencía or Gema Betancor, who amplified the visibility of the fashion shows by sharing them on their social media channels.
  • The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and IFEMA MADRID, united in their firm commitment to promote Canarian talent and the work of emerging brands.

Industry professionals and followers of the latest trends in swimwear fashion gather once again in Maspalomas to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida. The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and IFEMA MADRID have scheduled the parades of 38 firms and designers who present a work based on sustainability and originality of their collections.

This Thursday, on the first day of GCSW by MC, the catwalk was opened by the young Canarian creators Laut, Suharz and Román Peralta and Diazar and the firm Bohodot. Next, TCN unveiled its proposals for next summer. Later, the protagonists were the Canarian firm Como La Trucha Al Trucho and Alawa, one of the new additions to this edition of the Canarian catwalk. Afterwards, the public was able to see the proposals of Carlos San Juan, Elena Morales and Dolores Cortés.  The end of the day came with the double fashion show of the Canarian firm Chela Clo and Bloomers, another new addition to GCSW by MC, who closed the programme of this first day.

In the casting of models who have worn the latest proposals of the firms of GCSW by MC, has highlighted the large presence of models from the Canary Islands, specifically about 50% and big names on the national and international scene, such as Agueda Lopez, Malena Costa and Marta Lopez, among others.

Opinion leaders such as Priscilla Betancort, Marta Ibrahim, Mirian Pérez (Honey Dressing), Canarian model Aida Artiles, Yaiza Mencía or Gema Betancor, have helped to amplify the visibility of the fashion shows by sharing their experience at GCSW by MC with their respective digital communities under the hashtag #grancanariaswimweekbymc.


Parades Opening Day


Laut has honoured the values with which he conceived his brand, remembering with his collection of 19 looks, those neighbourhood heroines who, although they do not enjoy great social recognition, are the protagonists or "Princesses" of their contemporary urban space. In her Spring-Summer 2022 collection, she has presented pieces with a sophisticated and attractive cut.

The Canarian brand Suhárz has stood out for its striking colours and the freshness of its project, one of the youngest in the sector. In this collection, called Lucha Verde (Green Fight), military prints have stood out. The boldness of the camouflage print is combined with light plumetti tulle fabrics, presented in a varied range of greens. In addition, lycra, cotton and fabrics made from 50% recycled material are used, demonstrating his firm commitment to more sustainable fashion.

Román Peralta's Nomad collection was inspired by the aesthetics of the nomadic peoples of the Sahara desert. The vaporous fabrics are reminiscent of the movement of the air and the dunes in a selection of silhouettes and chromatic universes that evoke the desert. Ochre and sand tones combine with blue colours inspired by the Tuareg people.

Hélade, the collection proposed by Diazar, draws its inspiration from Classical Greece. A style that Crístofer Pérez and Jonathan Díaz, the creatives who make up the firm, reinterpret to adapt current trends to which they apply a fresh vision that proposes garments for men, women and that also include genderless designs. The commitment to palm tree craftsmanship, the sustainable development of the collection and the presence of signature jewellery are some of the highlights of their proposal for 2022.

Bohodot has presented a collection that vindicates freedom and the fundamental role of the women who inspire the firm: confident, courageous, empowered and independent women. Its Spring-Summer 2022 collection, Cala Blanca, has taken the public to an imaginary place of crystalline waters. Maintaining the romantic and Mediterranean air that characterises Bohodot, in this collection the firm has opted for delicate floral prints, cashmeres, geometric figures and shiny fabrics. In the chromatic range, violet, coral, green and earth tones have prevailed.


TCN has landed in Gran Canaria to present its Gala collection, inspired by Dalí's muse. They have taken her mysterious and indomitable spirit to create a Spring - Summer 2022 swimwear collection where stripes are the protagonists. The bikinis and maillots in powdered pinks and ochre stand out among a subdued, worn and patinated colouring. The prints, in faded floral patterns, are subtle and the beachwear accessories, such as overshirts or kaftans, add a sophisticated touch to the collection.

La Trucha Al Trucho presented DamaJuana, a collection inspired by the Mediterranean style, with fluid cut garments in which fabrics and prints with a retro aesthetic have been combined. Amanda Gutiérrez and Adonais Sarmiento, the Canarian creators behind the firm, have opted for their own palette of pastel colours, oranges, yellows, and contrasting greens and blues.

Alawa wanted to inspire optimism and vitality, working from a chromatic perspective that results in a collection with an abundance of bright colours on elegant and flattering silhouettes for women. Alawa presents embroidery, ruffles, draping and tables, worked in an exceptional way, bringing the language of haute couture to the world of swimwear fashion.

The Bilitä collection by designer Elena Morales was inspired by the sea, summer awakenings, passionate lifestyles and the feeling of freedom that accompanies the designer on her travels. The term that gives its name to the collection - a word inherited from the Bantu languages of southern Africa that means "Happy Dreams" - has given life to 30 interwoven swimwear looks, Tencel dresses, or linen ensembles in powdered tones.

For its part, Dolores Cortés has presented Amazonia, a collection dominated by jungle prints and animal prints in khaki tones, complemented by terracotta colours and leather-effect textures. With the savoir faire that more than 60 years of family tradition have brought to the house, this Spring Summer season is inspired by exotic destinations and paradisiacal retreats. The cheerful tones applied to ethnic prints with an avant-garde twist that elevate the world of swimwear to the category of fashion have stood out.


Chela Clo's Spring-Summer 2022 collection brings back the energy and colour that was missing this past season. The firm has worked on a retro style that embraces the Mediterranean feeling and claims the power of tropical tones.


The closing collection of this first day, presented by Bloomers, is called Bloomers Fly. Its characteristic vitality is inspired by colourful tropical birds, which the designer Laura Sánchez has studied for its creation. With a clear taste for vivid prints, Bloomers Fly features feather prints, lightweight dresses, sustainable viscose beachwear, and 100% recycled lycra pieces, as well as reversible swimming costumes and bikinis that feel like a second skin.


Swim Talks

   As part of GRAN CANARIA SWIM WEEK by Moda Cálida, the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) is organising several meetings on swimwear with some of the most representative designers of this Fashion Week and professionals from the world of fashion, who will analyse the current situation and future of the sector, dealing with issues such as inclusion and sustainability.