Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2021


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid 1960) studied at the Escuela de Artes y Técnicas de la Moda in Barcelona. At the age of 20 she began working as an intern in the studio of designer Pepe Rubio in Madrid. A year later, she presented her first collection in Madrid at the LOCAL design center and since then her designs have paraded in the international fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona. Agatha's designs have become a true means of artistic expression. During her first years as a designer she began to exhibit some of her masterpieces in galleries and museums in different cities in Spain, France, Italy, United States, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong....



For this edition, Agatha has designed a unique collection, more of her style than ever. and states "My big dream is that one day it will get commercialized and that I will walk along the beaches of the Canary Islands surrounded by people with my swimsuits."