GCSW by MC brings its 2021 edition to a close with local, national and international designer shows and a visit from international actor Kerem Bürsin.


- The popular actor Kerem Bürsin, ambassador of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida has followed several catwalk shows from the front-row.
- Agatha Ruiz de la Prada chooses again the Canarian catwalk to present her swimwear fashion proposals for next season
- Prestigious local designers such as Aurelia Gil, Palmas, Arcadio Domínguez and Nuria González co-starred the day with surprising proposals for next summer.
- Bo Star, Alexandra Miró and OYE Swimwear take to the catwalk showing the most international profile of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida.
- Famous faces like Josie, Aída Artiles, Priscila Betancourt or Honey Dressing repeat in the front-row. Meanwhile, the models Juan Betancourt, Marta López and Águeda López have dressed the proposals for the summer of 2022.
- The Award for the Best Sustainable Collection, sponsored by Nylstar and Cyl Moda Íntima, has been given to the designer Elena Morales.
- Gonzales receives the L'Oreal Award for Best Collection
- Children's fashion, the focus of all eyes during the morning of the last day of the show.
- The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and IFEMA MADRID repeat their alliance as co-organisers of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida with the firm commitment to internationalise the catwalk and boost its quality and professionalism.

The closing day of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, was attended by the international actor Kerem Bürsin, a mass phenomenon in Europe and the perfect ambassador to project the image of Gran Canaria and the GCSW by MC catwalk to the world. The Turkish actor was able to watch from the front row the fashion shows of local designers Arcadio Domínguez and Nuria González, and the Turkish OYE Swimwear. Before these shows, the actor's most loyal fans came to the ExpoMeloneras venue in Gran Canaria to enjoy the arrival of their idol.
The day was full of current trends and innovative bets, in one of its most international, professionalised and qualitative editions to date, three of the firm objectives of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and IFEMA MADRID for the Canarian catwalk on its twenty-fifth anniversary, which have been reflected in the event.
Elena Morales, Best Sustainable Collection Award, sponsored by Nylstar and Cyl Moda Intima
For her special attention to the use of sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes that respect people and the planet, the designer Elena Morales was awarded this prize, sponsored by Nylstar and Cyl Moda Intima, for her collection "Bilitä".
Gonzales, L'Oreal Award for Best Collection
Gonzales was the winner of the L'Oreal Award for Best Collection for the high quality of his proposals and for his mastery in creating his own universe with his Spring-Summer collection "Caravasar".
Children's catwalk in the morning
El Barquito de Papel presents the first children's collection of the season. The collection is called Save the Planet and is based on sustainable and multicoloured recycled materials. Next, the Kids line by Dolores Cortés presented a proposal that responds to the technical demands that the youngest children require. With a bohemian and casual spirit, Mini Bohodot also contributed to fill the children's catwalk with creativity. The Guillermina Baeza Children's collection received the public's attention for its cheerful garments and colourful proposal. Finally, LadyBugs' Cris presented a collection where comfort, innovative pattern design and a luminous colour palette were the protagonists.
Afternoon fashion shows
Renowned designers from the swimwear industry and the swimwear sector gathered at Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida to present their innovative proposals for the upcoming Spring - Summer 2022 season in this exceptional enclave.
The afternoon began with the fashion show of Aurelia Gil, veteran designer of the catwalk, and then gave way to the awaited fashion show of Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. This was followed by a double fashion show by Palmas, a prestigious local designer, and Bo Star. These have given way to a second parade, this time with Arcadio Domínguez.
The afternoon ended with the individual parade of Alexandra Miró, from the United Kingdom, and to close the programme, OYE Swimwear, the popular Turkish brand, and the Canarian designer Nuria González took their proposals to the catwalk to the delight of the audience.
The closing ceremony of the day took place with the presentation of the L'Oreal Award for the Best Collection and the Award for the Best Sustainable Collection, an award sponsored by the fabric manufacturer Nylstar and Cyl Moda Intima. Both prizes were awarded to Gonzales and Elena Morales, respectively.
Aurelia Gil was in charge of inaugurating the afternoon fashion show programme with her Garden Gil collection, whose creative process stems from the work of the artist Ana Beltrá and whose central theme is the demand for a greener world. With tropical prints and recycled materials as the protagonists of this collection with sporty touches, the garments take on an urban air where comfort is a priority, contrasted for the swimwear pieces with sophisticated lines, draping and satin finishes that enhance the collection.
One of the great protagonists of the day was Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, who for this Spring-Summer 2022 collection has worked, more than ever, on pieces faithful to her style and the powerful aesthetic that she brings to her collections each season. The proposal of the famous designer, whose work has been presented in the great fashion capitals, has surprised with a versatile selection of colourful garments.
Palmas presented her Vitral collection on the third day of GCSW by MC. Inspired by the architectural element of stained glass, this proposal for next summer is one of his first works after a decade of inactivity, after which the popular summer fashion house has re-emerged with fresh air and a renewed sense of creativity.
Bo Star Swimwear has taken over the catwalk to present a selection of garments faithful to the brand's aesthetics: pieces rich in details, made with exclusive fabrics and a special attention to the pattern where versatility and functionality become its greatest exponents. Ruffles, bows, lurex trims and unique prints are some of the hallmarks of one of the most desirable brands in the swimwear sector.
Today it was also the turn of fashion label Arcadio Domínguez, whose identity has been built around Arcadinas - the brand's main print, which consists of a pair of trainers with a single bow and which had in 2015 its male version, the Arcadios - has been presenting for almost two decades its work on the catwalk. Today she presented her SS22 #ArcadinasColorsCollector collection, inspired by the words and energies that are accomplices of emotions and composed of essential garments perfect for "painting the skin with the colours of one's moods and desires".
The firm Alexandra Miró has presented its Spring - Summer 2022 collection, under the name Island. The proposal is a celebration of colour, print and sculptural design. With references that have guided the firm since its origins, the designer suggests an open profile to play with the body, sensual, with a special attention to detail and luxury. Retro interior design and contemporary tints blend to create a harmonious juxtaposition. Against this backdrop, the brand combines old-school glamour with an unmistakably refreshing touch.
Istanbul-based brand OYE Swimwear has chosen to offer an elevated approach to swimwear, which was presented to us today by twins Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, the creatives behind the brand. Drawing inspiration from their worldly lifestyle and shared passion for travel, their approach has been to consistently create eye-catching and functional pieces, all handmade from the highest quality fabrics, in pursuit of extraordinary appeal and style. Each garment is handmade in an atelier in the heart of her city, giving each piece visible quality.
In charge of closing the final day of the programme was the Canarian designer Nuria González. In this collection, the creative has captured references of the environment of her atelier to offer a collection with the name of the address of its headquarters, Cebrián27. On the catwalk, high-waisted swimming costumes with stylised lines, personalised accessories, hats with interweaving and inlays in recycled polyester lycra and a wide range of colours that claimed the limelight in this last catwalk show of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida.
Swim Talks
Within the framework of GRAN CANARIA SWIM WEEK by Moda Cálida, the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) is organising several meetings on swimwear fashion with some of the most representative designers of this Fashion Week and professionals from the world of fashion, who will analyse the current situation and future of the sector, dealing with issues such as inclusion and sustainability.