Alawa - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2021


The designs of the collections and the direction of the Alawa Swimwear project are in charge of Jimena Vilaró and Gabriel Zorrilla de San Martín.

In 2013 Alawa Swimwear was born in Madrid, in 2018 they launched their first official collection: "Soul". One year later, in 2019 Alawa presents itself internationally at the "Unique" fair in Paris and makes its first wholesale sales to Russia and Eastern Europe. After 4 collections, in 2021, they open their first physical shop in Madrid.



The "Hope" collection speaks of hope, illusion and optimism. These are fundamentally expressed in the chromatic proposal, where bright colours have an exceptional prominence. A note that adds to the elegance, femininity and delicacy present in all Alawa's designs. Its characteristic embroidery, ruffles, draping and tables speak of the world of swimwear fashion with the language of haute couture.