Bohodot - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2021


Bohodot is a swimwear brand that creates feminine garments with exclusive designs and high quality fabrics. Bohodot collections are feminine, romantic and Mediterranean. Its swimming costumes and bikinis dress a young girl, with a bohemian spirit and a lover of freedom, who dreams of losing herself in paradisiacal beaches and experiencing eternal sunsets. All this without sacrificing comfort, quality, style and sensuality.



A collection that vindicates freedom in all senses and the fundamental role of the women who inspire us: confident, brave, empowered and independent women.

Cala Blanca is any place in the world that allows us to feel free, to feel like women ourselves. Cala Blanca is that feeling of freedom that floods us when we swim in a crystal clear beach, the empowerment of dancing to our favourite song, it is an oasis where we feel more ours than ever. A full-colour collection with a boho spirit, delicate prints in which flowers, cashmeres, geometric figures and glitter predominate. With violet, coral, green and earth tones. Always maintaining the romantic and Mediterranean air that characterises them. "A collection that represents us, and represents you".