Libérrimo - Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida 2021


The designer Libertad Castellano was born on April 11, 1995 in Gran Canaria, Spain. She graduated from the School of Art of Gran Canaria in fashion design in 2019, and that same year created LIBÉRRIMO, a fashion brand for women and men who seek to differentiate themselves. It is defined by the fusion of origins and tradition with innovation and textile experimentation. Its aesthetic universe is full of colour, textures, volume and movement. Respectful of the planet in all production processes, seeking the minimum impact on the environment. To date, they have made two collections, "cre-cimientos" and "re-evolución", the latter of which was presented in the SAMSUNG EGO showroom at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Little by little, the brand has managed to have its own atelier as well as its online shop.



This collection is inspired by each and every one of the paths and journeys we venture on in our lives. In the freedom to choose, where to continue and how to do it. Classic cuts are mixed with pattern experimentation with a clearly organic influence. Characterised by a wealth of textures, colours and prints as a metaphor for the great variety of stages we encounter.