Six firms from Gran Canaria show off their most sustainable swimwear collections at 'Madrid es Moda', organised by the Cabildo and ACME.


  • The Councillor for Industry, Minerva Alonso, highlights the importance of "being able to take our specialisation, craftsmanship and creativity in swimwear abroad".
  • Grouped under the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida programme, the six firms dazzled in a central hotel in the capital. 

Arcadio Domínguez, Elena Morales, Aurelia Gil, Pedro Palmas, Como la trucha al trucho and Chela Clo are the six firms from Gran Canaria that have surprised this Wednesday in Madrid with some sustainable garments from their swimwear collections, with which they hope to conquer the 26th edition of Gran Canaria Swim Week, organised by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria under the umbrella of the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida programme and which will take place in October.


The brands have transformed the centre of the capital into a catwalk of colour and summer prints in an event organised by the island institution together with the Spanish Association of Fashion Creators (ACME), as part of the urban trends festival Madrid es Moda, held in parallel to the 76th edition of the Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week Madrid 2022.


For the Councillor for Industry, Trade and Crafts of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Minerva Alonso, the fashion show was an opportunity to "take our specialisation, craftsmanship and creativity" in swimwear, which are "closely linked to our territory", outside the island. A sector that the Cabildo supports through the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida programme, which includes different actions such as the organisation of events, a line of subsidies, grants and this increasingly fruitful collaboration with ACME, among other things.


She has also defined Gran Canaria Swim Week as "the launch pad" for these textile companies, which will parade alongside other national and international brands on a catwalk "unique in the world" that will position the island as a "European platform for swimwear collections".


The designer Elena Morales has recognised herself as very "fortunate" to share part of a collection in which environmentally friendly tailoring stands out as her brand's own style, with which she won the Award for the Best Sustainable Collection at Gran Canaria Swim Week 2021 by Moda Cálida.


With a view to the new edition of Swimwear Fashion Week, the fashion designer has confirmed that she will surprise with a collection based on garments with "very organic lines, her own prints, sustainable fabrics" and other novelties that are "the latest" in the textile sector.


His colleague Arcadio Domínguez has stated that the island's catwalk will premiere the trends for the spring and summer collections of 2023 and, although he has not specified many details, he predicts that "the bikini will make a strong comeback" after a few years in which the swimming costume had been more popular.


According to the creator from Gran Canaria, the current trends are to talk about "sustainability, designer fashion and bringing designs closer to the street", since, in his opinion, the firms that make few productions require direct contact with the industrial network of their territory, a fact that favours local commerce.

During the event it was announced that Aurelia Gil, one of the firms present today at Madrid es Moda, will become the first Canarian fashion designer to present her work next Saturday at Madrid Fashion Week.


Bikinis combined with long gloves and high boots, colourful prints and monochromatic swimming costumes in warm tones were some of the garments that dazzled on the catwalk, which was attended by representatives of fashion schools and professionals from the textile industry in Spain.