Gran Canaria Moda Cálida opens as part of 'Madrid es Moda' with the collective fashion show by Pedro Palmas, Elena Morales and Arcadio


  • The Regional Minister of Industry highlights the importance of collaborating with the Spanish Association of Fashion Designers to "continue positioning our catwalk, which is already our hallmark and a reference at European level".

The rooftop of the Club Financiero Génova, with the city of Madrid at its feet, was the setting last night for the landing of the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida programme organised by the Cabildo in 'Madrid es Moda' - an initiative of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) - with a collective fashion show in which Pedro Palmas, Elena Morales and Arcadio presented their latest swimwear collections, full of references to water, recycled fabrics and a strong Canarian accent.


Madrid es Moda is a project that ACME has been developing every two years, framed under the umbrella of the municipal programme Madrid Capital de Moda, coinciding with each edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM), which seeks to highlight and create business opportunities for Spanish designer fashion brands, bringing the work of the sector's creatives and artisans to the end public, through collection presentations, fashion shows, pop ups and exhibitions held in ateliers and emblematic places.


This was the aim of the fashion show that took place last night, which was attended by the Councillor for Economic Development of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Minerva Alonso, who stressed the importance of the event as "another fruit of the collaboration with ACME that we started a few years ago", she said, and which serves to "continue promoting our flagship, the hallmark of the sector, which is none other than our catwalk, which is already a reference at European level", said Alonso, who pointed out that since its creation, interest in the platform has grown exponentially to reach more than 373 million people.


Three collections with personality


As for the fashion show, Pedro Palmas revealed the secrets of Acqua, a collection inspired by the water of our planet, its care and the seas, made up of designs that transmit the sensation of freshness and freedom of summers on beaches and in swimming pools. Acqua is also characterised by its renewed classic lines and the introduction of bikinis and swimming costumes, set in metal pieces, with the brand's anagram in various versions.


Regarding the fashion show, Palmas stressed the importance of being presented in Madrid by ACME, "an opportunity for visibility and to market our brand in the peninsular market", she said.


Elena Morales, for her part, presented 'Retour a la Lumière', made up of very elaborate pieces both in design and in combination of textures, with 100% recycled fabrics, with antiviral protection, water repellent, that do not leave residues and have a soft and silky feel thanks to hyaluronic acid. The colour palette of 'Retour a la Lumière' flows between black, silver and gold, the brand's own print and 3D technological fabrics in three colours, black, mocha and peach. After winning the award for Best Sustainable Collection at the Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Calida in 2021, the designer has become a benchmark in the use of recycled materials for swimwear. "I am happy and very proud to be taking this step hand in hand with Gran Canaria Moda Calida and ACME to continue to grow the brand beyond our territory," she said.


Arcadio closed the show with 'Espor', a tribute to the casual style with the chic sieve and the Canarian accent that the designer imposes in all his creations. White, in different intensities, is the common thread in a collection in which handmade crochet is mixed with pieces made of lycra, tulle and cotton. There is no lack of his well-known Arcadinas, with which, for almost twenty years, the creator has shown that a simple cotton T-shirt can be the protagonist of a sophisticated look. "For a brand from the Canary Islands to arrive in Madrid and to do so on this platform is to go one step further and enter the country's capital in every sense of the word", said the designer.


At the end of the fashion show, the event was supported by Gran Canaria Me Gusta, with the presentation of the best products from Gran Canaria, taking advantage of the presence of the media.